Choo Choo Train Waffles

Choo Choo Train Waffles

By: Van's Foods

Posted on: March 08, 2017

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Original Protein or Gluten Free Waffle, Kiwi, Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Hazelnut Spread,


Prepare Van's Waffles per packaging instructions. Cut desired train car shape from your waffles. To match our design, create the engine by cutting an "L" shape that is 2x5 squares long and 2x4 squares tall. Create additional train cards that are 2x4 squares long.

Create train tracks by drawing with the hazelnut spread. Place the train cards in line with the train tracks.

Place blueberries and blackberries underneath the train cards to create the wheels.

Create the pilot on the front of your train with a slice of strawberry. Cap off the top of the engine car with another slice of strawberry. Create the smoke stack with a small chunk of strawberry and a raspberry. Finish off the smoke stack with a cloud of coconut shavings. Chop up additional strawberry chunks and place them in your train cars.

Spread chopped kiwi below and on the sides of the train tracks to create the grass.

Fill in the top portion of the engine car with hazelnut spread to create a train window.