Caterpillar Pancakes

Caterpillar Pancakes

By: Van's Foods

Posted on: May 26, 2016

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Homestyle Pancakes, kiwi, strawberries, Nutella, Candy Eyes,


Start with 1 Van's Pancake on plate

Slice kiwis into 6 oval shapes for the caterpillar's body, place the kiwi body on top of the pancake

Slice one strawberry to use for the caterpillar's head

Place candy eyes on strawberry for the caterpillar's eyes

Place Nutella into baggie and cut hole into baggie to use as a "pastry bag"

Draw thin lines using hazelnut spread under the kiwis to serve as the caterpillar's legs

Draw 2 lines using hazelnut spread above the strawberry for the caterpillar's antennas