Bull Pancakes

Bull Pancakes

By: Van's Foods

Posted on: March 16, 2016

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Homestyle Pancakes, Apple Slices (Horns), Nutella, Bananas & Blueberries (Eyes), Raisins (Nose), Strawberries (Tongue),


Cut out long oval from Van's pancake to use for the bull's head

Also, cut out circle to use for the cow's nose, a half circle for the bull's mouth, and half circles for the bull's ears out of another pancake

Use apple slices for bull's horns

Cut out small banana slices for bull's eyes and place blueberries on them (one eye will be on top and the other on the bottom of banana)

Cut out small strawberry to use for the bull's tongue

Cover nose and ears in Nutella

Place raisins on bull's nose to use for nostrils