Bear Face Waffles

Bear Face Waffles

By: Van's Foods

Posted on: September 26, 2016

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GF Ancient Grains Waffles, Van's Pancakes (snout), Orange Slices (ears), Bananas & Blueberries (eyes), Blackberry (nose), Hazelnut Spread (mouth),


Toast one Van's waffle and one Van's Pancake according to packaging instructions.

Cut a small circle out of the pancake. Place the cut pancake on top of the waffle to create the bear's snout.

Take one orange and slice a small section that spans the full orange. Cut that slice into two halves to create your two ears and position at the top of the waffle.

Cut two slices from a banana to create the whites of the eyes. Finish the eyes by placing a blueberry in the center of each.

Place a blackberry on top of the pancake to create the bear's nose.

Finish off your bear waffles by spreading a thin line of hazelnut spread across the pancake to create its smiling mouth.